Multipod Productivity: How to Overcome Idea Paralysis, Maintain Momentum and Follow Through on Your (Many) Projects
Ah, isn’t it lovely having so many different interests? I mean, on any given day, there’s so much you could be doing…! 

You could practice the guitar, write up that book proposal, read more about the theory of cognitive dissonance, work on your new business, work on your other new business, sculpt a masterpiece, research the ancient ruins of Carthage, write a children’s book, learn CSS to customize that website you’re building... 

Has your heart started pounding yet?  

Being a multipotentialite is wonderful, except when it comes to actually getting all of your amazing projects done. Then it can feel like a nightmare. 

In this 60 minute recorded workshop, award winning author and TED speaker, Emilie Wapnick, shares strategies for getting stuff done when you're feeling completely stuck and overwhelmed by all of your projects. They reframe the internalized beliefs that keep us multipods feeling stuck, discusses what "finishing" even means to a multipotentialite, and talk about concrete habits and strategies to help you balance your very real need for variety with your need to make progress on your many projects.

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